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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Letter from 4/28/2014
Dear Mom,

My new companion is Elder Mata. He and I were very tight back in the Elk Grove Zone. When I got the call that I was going to be with him I was just PUMPED UP! He called me briefly after I got my call and was all, "CHICO! I can't believe you're gonna be my companion." So, needless to say, we get along great. He is from Mexico. Grew up in East LA and is such a pretty boy. He takes, like, 40 minutes doing his hair that just gets messed up when we go biking anyway, but to him it makes a difference. It's also his last transfer in the mission so I will be killing him off (a term which means I am his last companion). 
The area is exploding and we have a lot of work to do. Elder Mata is a lot of fun and we have been finding a LOT of people. We have a teaching pool of almost 25. We have been working non-stop. I have not been this busy since Folsom. The members here are extremely supportive and our ward leadership is all die-hard about missionary work. We had 7 member-present lessons this week (that's an off-week here). We have two beautiful families that we are focusing on, las familias Bareto y Delgado. 
The Bareto family has 6 kids, each one wants to be baptized, and we play soccer with them every chance we get. They always want us to come over and the youngest one, Daniel (cute kid), is always asking why we can't spend the night. They are great. The Father is a member, but his wife isn't. She is interested, but obviously has a few doubts. Keep her in your prayers. She is a wonderful lady-- Never lets us bike home and calls us daily to make sure we have eaten, haha. 
The Delgado Family is a family of 6. All of them want to get baptized and they actually all have a date for June 1st. SO EXCITED!! We are going to invite them on a temple tour on Tuesday. Mata and I have been tearing East Sac up! 

Anyway, East Sac is the best, I'm in love with the ward and my Spanish is coming along great because Mata's Spanish is better than his English so we go back and forth a lot (lot of Spanglish). I love you Mom. I will ttyl.

Elder Sierra

p.s. two more weeks until Mother's Day!