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Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter from August 26, 2014

Hey Mom,
We never noticed any seismic movement in our area. Either we were asleep or not paying attention, something of the sort. From what we heard none of the missionaries got hurt so I think the mission is fine. Speaking of the mission, I received my call to stay in Stockton and Elder Williams and I are still together. In short, we are happy. Our work is still exploding. We have many people that we are teaching, the Bernal Family and the Arevalo Family are progressing well, and so is Brian. Hopefully, things will go smoothly in September so they can get baptized. They are all on dates. Stockton is still great, although lately we have been getting a lot of people trying to mess with us, and Elder Williams and I mess with them back. One gal was just glaring at us while we were walking by and shouted, "Y'all look like ******* Mormons!" To which I respond, "We are freaking Mormons, whatchu gonna do?" And Elder Williams adds, "Seriously, who else dresses like us in the middle of the summer!?"
Stuff like that really lol. We like a little opposition here and there, it keeps us motivated.
Hermana Mendez, one of the members that we see a lot, sent those pics to you of me and my district. I thought that it had been a while since you received anything from me that I should do that now. And yeah JP's baptism was a very happy time. Obviously I expressed to the point of breaking backs haha. It was hard to contain high levels of happiness. 
So I did hear about the Ice Bucket Challenge, I actually have an interesting surprise for you and the family later concerning that. You should be receiving a video sooner or later about that. It'll explain it better. And thank you for giving me updates on the world. It's crazy how everybody is getting married. It wasn't that long ago when Elder Eichelberger left his mission. He got to work fast haha. Anyway, love you Mom. I'll talk to you later. 

Elder Sierra


Letter from Sept 1, 2014

Hey Mom,

I am still loving Stockton and this P-Day is going good so far. A couple of elders brought two pairs of boxing gloves so we decided to box in the gym. It was a lot of fun (because I won). So, things are good here. We are gonna go check out a burger joint later on. Well, Dad was talking to me about his car crash in Uruguay. I was, like, seriously? And by Elders?? Man, one of the sisters in our zone rear-ended somebody as well. I'm pretty sure the Elders that hit Dad are AP's because they don't use cars for proselyting down there. Hope Dad's back gets better. The man still owes me a match when I get back. And as far as my back is concerned, it's not getting in the way of anything so I assume it's okay. I have another appointment in about two weeks with the chiro, so we will find out later. 
Did you send me that package yet? Just wanna make sure it's on the way. I have been hearing rumors that President may want me to go emergency transfer to shotgun train another area. I hope that doesn't happen because I don't wanna leave Stockton nor leave Elder Williams. We have gotten so dang close and I love my zone. A lot of my good friends are here....
So did you all do the challenge yet? haha This one is not for ALS; it is for Cystic Fibrosis. It is a completely different challenge. There is a newborn kid in the Leatherberry family that has that disease and it's terrible for the family. We are trying to spread this around big time to help them out because the costs for medicine are insane and they can't afford it. So, we are trying everything we can to get the word out. We are trying to spread this within the mission as well. I called out President Jardine, but I have yet to send him the video. I am sure he will see it soon enough lol. So, for this one, there is no limit. You call out everyone you can and we don't use a bucket (I ain't no SISSY) we go BIG or go HOME! SO please do your best to get the ward in or whoever you can think of to get in on this. 
I love you, Mom. Enjoy your Labor Day. That is all I got to talk about right now. 

Elder Sierra