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Monday, August 25, 2014


Letter from Aug 18, 2014

Hey Mom,

The chiropractor gave me some news that wasn't the best. Apparently, something is off in my spine, so I have an appointment with him in about a month to figure it all out. I will be meeting with him until the end of the mission so I can go home with a back that is 100%! Dang! So, Dad is heading down to Uruguay huh? Neat.
JP's baptism was nothing short of AWESOME! The Spirit was there and I couldn't get enough of it. They asked me to go up there and share my testimony and I was just fighting to not be overcome with emotion. The Zavala family don't live in our area, but they invite us over for lunch and what not, all the time. I love hanging with them and we are going to meet at a local Mexican joint for lunch this Wednesday. JP and I are real close and seeing him go into the water (which was FREEZING COLD and draining so they had to do it fast) was awesome. It was a tender moment sharing my testimony. In the past month, 2 of the Zavala's cousins have been baptized. It's just miraculous seeing their family get closer and strengthened throughout their journey. Afterwards, they ordered pizza and we went over to their place for dinner. It was a LOT of fun. We were all just shooting the breeze, sharing bilingual jokes (Dad's joke was the favorite) and had a contest on which missionary could eat the most pizza. I got 2nd place (7 slices), Elder Ruiz ,a previous companion, ate 10 (the guy is a bottomless PIT)! 

I love you all so much and there is not much more to talk about. I'm sure next week I will have something big to talk about. I love you mom and miss you too.

Elder Sierra 
At JP's baptism



Letter from Aug. 11,  2014

Man Alive Mom, 

You all have been very busy. Ironically enough, so have I. J.P.'s baptism was moved to Wednesday and we are all SUPER excited because his Dad and other family are driving down to see it happen and, we have been picking up investigators left and right. Also, we have been hearing rumors again that we would be getting IPads, but I, having been out for a very long time, have learned never to trust rumors in the mission, EVER! They are always the opposite of what will happen, unless it comes from zone leaders or Assistants, or the Mission President (usually those ones are true). 
So, we are back on the same problem as usual which is church, but we have been teaching pretty bodly on that concept. Hopefully, the message comes clearer now. Anyway, my entire district is very jealous that you went to Mary Poppins and didn't invite them and they are all from Utah so they are telling me stories about the theater you went to and I'm, like, "Cool. I will check it out because I still don't know [anything] about Utah!" Anyhow, tell Aunt Kathy and Amariah that I do say hi, as well as a shout out to the whole family telling them all I love them. And if you do go back to Miami then let me know soon, so I can give you a list of people you must say hi to for me... 
We have been doing awesome with the Bernal family. They have been coming to church and are soaking everything in so well, especially Brother Bernal. He has been on fire. The guy gets out of the hospital and is already trying to get back to work and asked us, "when can my family and I get baptized?" There are not much better questions than that one. Elder Williams and I are grateful daily for the success that we have been seeing throughout the transfer and it has been passing by fast. Only two more weeks left then I will be down to only 4 left!!!! Pretty freaky right?! Tomorrow we have zone conference and it's gonna be awesome because 1.) I get to go back to one of my old areas, Manteca and 2.) I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow- finally- so I can get my back checked up, which apparently is a little jacked up (don't worry Mom the damage is completely repairable). That's all the update I have to give right now so I will follow-up with more next week (which I am sure I will have much to talk about). I love you Mom!

Elder Sierra

Monday, August 4, 2014

So Mom,

First things first, tell Dad that he needs to act like a mature adult. He can't be spraying people with water everywhere haha. Especially, WITHOUT ME!!! Man that sounds like fun. I would say I wish I could've been there, but we have been doing such awesome work here in Stockton. We have a teaching pool of about 17, 7 of them have a date for baptism for August and September and we have a baptism this Saturday. It's not exactly mine, but the Sisters asked me to talk to one of their investigators, JP. He and I are pretty tight so they thought maybe I could connect with him better. So, gladly I made an appointment with him (last Sunday) and we had a little pep-talk. I didn't want to pressure him because he already had enough of that from his family who are members. I just wanted to go over what was holding him back. At first, he told me he didn't really know what was holding him back. He went on about how he knows this is a good thing and that getting baptized is something that we wants to do, but there is still that doubt that he had. Then I gave him a questionnaire, basically, and went down the list on what he had doubts about. We arrived fairly quickly on that he just didn't know if Joesph Smith was a true prophet (I thought to myself, "That seems to be the silver bullet to everything nowadays!!). I then received inspiration to look up Alma 32:21, explaining to him how faith is believing in things that are not seen, which are true. Faith is a lot like the wind. We can feel it and see things it affects around us, but we can't see it. This is the way our Father in Heaven works with us. I went further in that chapter how his faith is comparable to a seed. I expounded on how you have already allowed the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to be planted within you, and you also know that it is a good seed. You are at the same stage as I am. I also do not "know" that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet. I wasn't there in 1820 on the morning of that first vision. I wasn't there to witness such a divine vision. That's knowledge. I have not received that blessing, yet. I however, have been steadily and surely strengthening my faith and it is slowly, but surely becoming, and what I deem to be, knowledge. It takes great patience, not to mention iron diligence. But through time that plantling of faith will take root and spring forth into Everlasting life. I gotta say Mom, there is nothing better than seeing the lights all click in the eyes of someone that you're teaching, especially when the Spirit descends so softly. I had to stop the lesson to tell him, "Hey JP, do you feel that?" "...yeah I do." "That's the Spirit. It's testifying to you right now, that this is true." Next question was, now the Lord doesn't desire you to know that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet, only to believe he is. Then came the invite, "Do you believe that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet?" "........(10 minutes of silence).....Yes..yes I do." "At this point the only one stopping you from being baptized is yourself. With that said, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by immersion by someone holding the proper priesthood authority?" "Yes! (It feels SO GOOD to hear that)" "Will you be baptized this Saturday?" "Yes!" "I want you to promise yourself now and forever that you will always 'Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith'. Will you do that?" "Yes, I will." "Awesome. Well we got 6 days to prepare. Let's get this shindig started!!!"

It was a pretty BAUSS! Lesson. I called the sisters and said, "Hey Sisters, got you both a baptism for Saturday! No need to thank me, I know I am awesome haha!" I'm kidding. I was just acting on inspiration at precisely the right time the Lord wanted me to. I am very happy right now. We have a very supportive ward (which I heard was not that great) and they have been coming with us non-stop on lessons with our investigators and we have gotten to know the families here so well. We are fed almost every night here and they treat me and my companion like their kids. Stockton, ironically enough, is paradise for missionary work right now, at least for our area haha. A lot of the other areas are not doing so well. Humility is something we try to remember. Also, that our success comes from the Lord. At times, it is hard to be humble, though. Anyway, things are great, my companion is my new best friend and it is just great to see so many miracles every day. Mom, these next 6 months are going to be full of success and they will go by quickly. I love you so much. 

Elder Sierra

Letter from July 28, 2014

Hey Mom,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you had a great day. What did you guys do? Tell me all about it. 
Stockton isn't that bad. Some stuff comes up once in a while, but really it's no big deal. Elder Williams and I are fine and they usually don't try to start anything with missionaries. One time, one guy did and before I could mouth off, Elder Williams beat me to the punch saying, "Okay man, look at us and look at yourself. Look at what we represent and now look at what you represent. Who do you think's got more people?" The guy backs off. We just keep walking to our appointment and Elder Williams tells me, "That's what I thought!" Haha. The guy is a riot. He has a very big heart. It's impossible to hate the guy because he never stops smiling, like EVER! He is always positive and it's great and all, but like when someone is, like, constantly happy, I feel like it can get annoying. He is like always singing, humming, or whistling SOMETHING! That's all that gets me. Other than that, he is awesome. We get along just great. What's funny is that his first name is Stockton and he has, like, a perfect British accent, so we make fun of him by calling him the "Prince of Stockton". I thought it suits him haha. 
So anyways, work is going wonderfully well. We had two families at church yesterday and we now have a total of 11 people on date for baptism for the month of August. We are very excited. We have been finding people out of the woodwork. What's funny is that most of our teaching pool found us! We don't do anything as far as finding. They are either referred to us or they call us or whatever. It's awesome. We are both pretty Darn happy missionaries. Nothing makes you feel better than when you are just working, working, working. Nothing more, nothing less. Love my area a lot. The ward here is struggling a bit and we may have to start doing reactivation work, but it's all good here. Elder Williams and I teach very well together. I like to expound on the scriptures and teach it simply to make it apply to who we are teaching, and Elder Williams is just a powerhouse. He just testifies to EVERYTHING! He is like a cute little kid. He just innocently knows that what he has been taught is true and it's awesome to see. 
So, Ralynne is getting married, Michael is getting married, Tevin is getting married, Marshal is married, and Everyone is having a freakin baby!! I'm already becoming an "old guy" in the mission and this is seriously not helping. Well, life goes on... 
 So, awesome experience I gotta share. We were at a ward activity (celebrating Pioneer Day) and it was a lot of fun. We had a lot of people there. Then, all of a sudden, my Bishop calls me over and says, "Hey Elder Sierra there is a member from out of town that wants you to come see him right away to help give a blessing to his brother who is at the hospital. Can you go with him?" All is said was, "When and where?" We left immediately to go and meet up with a guy named Miguel Bernal. We met his wife and family briefly and we headed out to go with him and his sister-in-law to the hospital. His cunada (sister-in-law), Hermana Bernal, and her husband are not members, but she wants to be. She was talking with me and asking me a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation and I still remember her one question that still hits me: "Vere mi familia despues de este vida?" (Will I see my family after this life?) Le dije, "Si, y vas vivir con ellos para siempre." (I said, "Yes, you are going to live with them forever.) Todavia recuerdo las lagrimas en sus ojos. (I still remember the tears in her eyes.) We arrived at the hospital and we met Fernando Bernal, who starts pouring out his feelings. He never wanted anything to do with religion, but obviously it took a lot of trials to recognize God in his life. We taught just a little on the Plan of Salvation and we left him a blessing. It was an awesome feeling being in there, feeling the strong Spirit in there. Everyone's eyes were very moist. The family came to church the next day and we are very excited to teach them. Well, that is most of everything that has been happening. Not too much more to share. I love you mom and happy birthday (belated). 

Elder Sierra

Letter from July 21, 2014
Hey Mom!

I can't tell you how grateful I am for you. The cake was FREAKIN AWESOME!! It's like a plethora of choclatey goodness in my mouth haha. Thank you very much for the cake. My new companion, my roommates and I enjoyed it. And they are grateful for the Mimi's Cafe gift card you sent lol. I will probably plan a day to take them there soon. 
Anyway, Stockton is pretty GHETTO! I have literally the worst area. Apparently that's why it was closed off haha. There was a bank robbery about a 3 days ago close to where we were proselyting. They had 3 hostages and killed one of them. It was very sad. Things are pretty crazy here. I will tell you some of the stuff that has happened in another email. We picked up 4 with a date Brian, Joshua, Junior, and their Mother Maria. They are GOLDEN!! Awesome and humble people. My companion and I couldn't believe what luck we have been having. We have a pool of 10 investigators so far in less than a week. So yeah, we are feeling pretty awesome. 
Ricky is doing good. He called me the other day and told me that he will be coming down to visit me in August around the 1st. He got a job as an electrician and is doing very well now. He is also taking some classes on the side. He is very happy. I have not heard about Christian in a long time so I don't know yet. I will try to see what's up. I am happy to see that all is well or at least happy in Utah. I can't believe how big Benjamin is and the guy is getting a little toned haha. Well, I also think it's a good idea to go with the Lindseys to Hawaii. That would be fun. And I wouldn't miss the opportunity to hang with those guys. I will be back in mid-Feb so I'm sure there will be enough time for you guys to prep for when I get back. I can't believe how much time has passed. And by the end of this transfer I will have served in the mission for 18 months. There has been so much that has happened here. It's been great. Mom, I love you and I have had a nice 21st B-Day.

Elder Sierra   

Letter from July 15, 2014

Dear Mom,

Well, it's that time again for me. After about 3 months in East Sacramento, President Jardine believes that I must go and serve in a different part of the vineyard. This particular transfer call was interesting. If you are simply being transferred to another area, then you receive your call from the zone leaders. However, if you are going to be training, going DL, or ZL then you receive your call from either the APs or the Mission President. Well, I was returning home from a late dinner with a member with two other missionaries and then my phone buzzed. I looked at it to see that it was Elder Russel (one of the Ap's and one of my closest friend in the mission). I give the phone to Elder Martinez thinking that they were going to make him a leader, but to my dismay lol it was passed back to me with a little jab from Martinez saying, "It's for you buddy haha". So I get on the phone and Elder Russell tells me that I am going to be shotgunning (meaning that my companion and I would both be very brand new to the area) Downtown Stockton, which is the most dangerous place to be serving in right now in the mission. So, I wasn't being made a leader or anything like that, so my first question was, "Why are you calling me if I am just being shotgunned into a new area?" He then replies, "This is actually a special assignment that President Jardine is issuing to you and Elder Williams. We have been praying and thinking about what we can do to jumpstart the work down there and President Jardine and I both thought of you. We also thought Elder Williams would be the perfect companion for you for this assignment. President Jardine wants you to know that he thinks that you can start getting work going down there. The area has been dead for a very long time but we know that you can do it, man. I don't know any other missionary that I could trust to send down there." I'm like, "Alright. Well, I accept the calling. Hey, Elder Williams is a DL, so am I gonna be going junior again?" "Nope. For the first time in a VERY long time, you will both be a co-senior companionship. There will be no seniority between you two. You are to work as a perfect companionship as equal partners. We know that this is the way it's got to be." In short, I was pretty overwhelmed at all the pressure that was being thrown at me. No one likes that area and they expect me to get things up and running. I, for one, am nervous, but I know that I can do it. Elder Williams is also worried, but is excited to work with me and I am also. 
Well, my birthday is in 5 days. Don't know what I am going to do since there is not much I can do. Probably gonna go get a cake or something and since I will have 3 other elders in my apartment with me, we can play some card games or something. Anyways I don't have too much time to talk since i gotta get going soon, but I love you Mom. I will talk to you soon.

Elder Sierra

Letter from July 7, 2014
Hey Mom, 

My 4th of July was alright. We had a breakfast activity at our building with the members to kick off Independence Day and it was a lot of fun. We had a pancake contest and, surprisingly, I won. I ate 14 of those flapjacks. I was one hungry boy so I just downed them. Later on, we had a zone conference and we got to meet the new mission president. Man, is he different from President Lewis. President Jardine just punches you in the face with his testimony and his ideas on missionary work are COMPLETELY different. We are expecting a lot of changes to be made. I like the guy a lot. He and I clicked pretty well. During the training, he was all like you must be obedient, you must be faithful and diligent also, but if you don't love who you serve or what you do, then you are obviously doing something terribly wrong. I was like AMEN SON! The other missionaries that I was sitting with were getting hyped up. When we had lunch, he sat at our table with me and my other pals in the mission. He said, "Out of everyone in this conference, you group of Elders look like the biggest handful, so I'm gonna sit with you guys." He was awesome to have around. He asked us all to share our craziest stories in the mission so we went around the table doing that and he was just laughing. I wasn't gonna tell my craziest ones, but my companion decided to tell them for me. He told him about the one time I chased a guy down because he threw a rock at me and now he is baptized because of it, and President Jardine just looked at me, laughing hysterically, saying, "Why isn't that in the Ensign? That's the type of stories that these missionaries need to hear." I was like, there's no way this guy is my mission President. As time went by, I looked at my watch and said, "Oh, dang, lunch is over." I was getting ready to go and then Prez says, "Sit down Elder Sierra, I haven't heard your companion's story, yet." "Oh...okay." Prez goes on to say, "I'm the President. I decide the schedule and make whatever adjustments I want, haha. So, sit down. We can be 5 minutes late." THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I'M USED TO! Needless to say, I love this guy. I love the unorthodox. 
Later that day, we had a nice dinner with one of our members: Carne Asada con salsa mango. SO GOOD! And then we headed out for an activity with the zone. We played milk jug lacrosse (best game ever) and I was goalie cuz my back is out. I will explain in a bit. And we played signs and then took turns guessing each others background in high school and life before the mission. It was a nice way of getting everybody to bond a little closer. 
So anyway, about my back. We had a soccer activity between our ward and a different ward and the members asked me to play because they thought I was pretty good. So I, of course, went. It was good. We beat them 6-4. I scored 4 of the goals, but during the game one of the players smashed into my back and that hurt A LOT, but not enough to keep me off the field. I was toughing it out because I didn't want to have the mission scramble to get me a car, but then I got into a bike accident and I flipped over my bike and hit my back on the pavement and my bike hit my back as well. Needless to say, I can't ride my bike right now and I am in car for the time being (Mom please don't freak out. I am fine). 
We also have a new investigator with a date for the 9th of August. He is Alex Santa Maria. What a humble guy he is. Lives in a pretty bad duplex and he is right next to where a lot of drug deals go down and he is trying to move to get his two small kids out of the area he is in, but he doesn't make too much money working at a Panaderia. My companion and I were like DANG! He goes on and on that he wants to follow God and be a true Christian, but he doesn't think His true church is on the earth right now because there are so many different ones. He then asked us why there are so many and we taught him the Restoration. The Spirit was so powerful there, especially when we quoted Joseph Smith's vision to him. The Spirit was just so tender, but so thick at the same time. I just wanted to wrap my face around it. Alex immediately recognized it and we challenged him to be baptized on the 9th of August, to which he accepted excitedly. Life is good Mom, and transfers are up next week. Elder Martinez and I are pretty sure we will not be serving together for another transfer. I am also pretty sure that I am gone after this transfer. I'm probably gonna go to the Hills in El Dorado or maybe Stockton (FINALLY). I have served in or been around all the other areas, so there are not many more places for me to go. Anyway I love you Mom. 
Elder Sierra
P.S. Yeah, he [President Jardine] is awesome. When I told him how I crashed my bike, (I'm borrowing Elder Russel's bike) he was all like, "Why you doing flips on your bike?" "I'm not president. The brakes went out!" "Well then, why aren't you taking care of your bike?" "It's not my bike. Its Elder Russel's bike!" ".....That's Elder Russel's bike?" "Yep." "I'm gonna have a talk with that guy! (Elder Russel is one of the Ap's). Haha he got in trouble. He called me saying Pres was messing with him, how one of his best friends (that's me haha) almost died because he didn't take care of his bike. It was pretty awesome lol...
My back in not that bad, but seeing as how I probably won't win this one, I will find a chiropractor. And Yeah, all the Elders are jealous because I'm like everybody's favorite. Even Sister Jardine told me IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY, "Oh Elder Sierra, I have heard so much about you. You are like everybody's favorite Elder." I got a lot of looks after that. I can't help it if I'm awesome!! My companion hates me for that. lol

Letter from June 30, 2014

Hi Mom,

I'm okay as far as music is concerned. I mean, if you ever could get me I Have Seen Him in Spanish then that would be awesome. And yeah, Sister Richardson did accompany me. There was a dense and thick Spirit in the room; I swear the walls were about to shake. The Spirit of the Restoration was truly there. Sister Richardson can always bring the perfect backdrop to all of the musical pieces that I sing and portray. We couldn't get it on tape. I'm so sorry. I didn't bring my voice recorder with me. I know you wanted that. We are planning to do it another time, so you can hear it.
Well $$ is always good (for my birthday) and I have been doing well as far as saving so I won't be in a bind in case my bike blows out again for, like, the 15th time haha. But I am pretty sure I am getting transferred in a couple of weeks so I may go in a car area again. We will see what happens. 

Oh, and about Elder Dansie. His father [left] the church and wanted literally NOTHING to do with it. He was very [angry] when Elder Dansie decided to go on a mission. He had no support whatsoever from either of his parents... I think he only had support from his uncle. I was the "Enforcer" of Zone 1 in the MTC (which is kind of an honor that is passed on to you). It was almost a calling within our zone in the MTC. There are different roles that different missionaries are given, like the Sherriff (the Leader, usually the zone leaders), the Deputies, the Bane (the guy who is in charge of planning zone parties), etc. The Enforcer has the responsibility of protecting the zone, encouraging them, and loving each and every one of them. That honor is given to the elder that shows an undying amount of charity. The elder who had that honor previously, Elder Fayze, passed that on to me. I was very humbled to receive it and I magnified that calling in any way I could. I got to know all the missionaries in my zone and on our floor. I knew who they were, I knew their first names, what brought them out here, what keeps them out here, their hobbies, their dreams, and I still keep in touch with them :)

When I met Elder Dansie, he stood out in his district. I could tell that he was kinda different. As I got to know him, he opened up a lot with me. Little by little, I found out that he was struggling quite a bit. He was fairly new to the church and didn't exactly feel that he deserved to be here with us. As we continued to talk, he took me aside and we talked from 9pm-1:30am as he just believed that he didn't deserve to be here and how his past kept on haunting him. As he opened his heart to me, I remembered how desperately I sought to be free from the guilt and despair that I felt and still feel even now at times. I told him one: how much I considered him a brother (we'd known each other for a week), and two: how I admired his courage to try to move forward, and three: how I knew how he was feeling. I told him what had brought me here, a little of my past, and my firm testimony. I told him that he is feeling this way right now because Satan truly does not want you to serve a mission. He knows what your background and testimony can do to bring hope in others. I told him the remedy for this guilt is faith. I told him to never doubt, EVER, in his worthiness. We exchanged oil containers and I always carry his with me. It is a reminder to give it back to each other when we return from our missions. Ever since then, he has told me many stories about his baptisms and miracles in Colombia.

During his mission, his father had a change of heart. In his words to me:

"Hey Elder Sierra, ....now after a YEAR of dealing with papers and tons of meetings he has permission to be rebaptized hahahahaha and he told my stake pres that he wanted ME to do it!!! and my stake pres said well, go to Peru and get it done, with a huge smile!!! so my dad is coming down here on my birthday!!!!! and i will rebaptize him dude!!!!! so crazy!!!!!! i cant wait man!!!!! He also found a lady....recieved the missionaries...got married!!! and my STEP MOM GOT BAPTIZED DUDE!!!!!!!! THE LORD IS BLESSING MY FAMILY SO MUCH BECAUSE OF MY SERVICE TO HIM!!!! dude, it is literally a huge blessing and i cant wait to get him rebaptized and confirmed and 3 months after i'm home we will be sealed as a family!!!!!

literally crazy man hahahahaha

Your brotha!!,
Elder Dansie

That kid has gone through a lot. What a blessing this is for him! Imagine what could've happened if he chose to give up. He comes home 4-5 weeks after I do. I will be waiting for him at the airport...
Oh and mom, yesterday, I met a guy named Larry Carter, that is also Scot-Irish. He and I talked a lot about our love of medieval history and martial arts and then I mentioned that you are also Scot-Irish. He then got wide-eyed and asked, "What clan is your Mother from?" "I gotta be honest I don't really know, but I would assume it's the Reed Clan." He then just gets SUPER excited and says, "You and I are from the same clan!! You need to email me! I am the head of our part of the clan here in Sacramento and we do a festival every year on Labor Day weekend. Have your Mother email me immediately! I would be more than happy to induct you and your family in our clan." 
Mom, this guy is super cool and he's got a legit accent. Not to mention he loves to do martial arts and talk all day about war history. You better get a hold of this guy haha. 

Apparently, we are part of the Clan Donnachaidh.
Don't know for sure, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out. 
He is a very nice guy. 
I gotta go.  Love you mom.
Elder Sierra

Letter from June 23, 2014

Hey Mom,

That Raspberry jam looks GOOD! Cool to see you having success with your garden. I'll be honest, I still don't understand your love for it, but I understand well enough that I will be helping a lot out with that when I am home. So, I would be more than happy to take a name for you, but I won't be going to the temple for a while, probably not for 3-5 months. Get them done as soon as you can. No need to wait on me lol. And thanks again for sending my email to Elder Mortenson. I'm sure he is happy, especially since you sent him a cake and mountain dew. I'm sure the kid is set for the week now, since he has all that he needs to be happy lol. So, yeah President Lewis is leaving and I'm alright. We have seen each other quite a lot this transfer (good reasons not bad), so we were able to talk a lot about what's going on with the mission. He is hoping that the Ipads come in soon, and he has called an additional assistant, my favorite companion, Elder Russel, to help the new president get used to everything. He will have 3 assistants and he [Pres. Lewis] is also pretty sure that he is going to make a LOT of changes in leadership next transfer, because his views of what missionaries need right now may be different. [President Lewis] and I are great and we talk surprisingly a lot now. I feel a lot closer to him and will be very sad to see him go, but it's all good. 
Our investigators are progressing well. The problem right now is church, but that will come in due time. There is not too much to report on this week. Everything is running smoothly. I did get your package and it is awesome. Thank you VERY much. I'm sorry that I don't have too much to write about. I have been keeping up with World Cup, thanks to the members. I love these people haha. They know I loved soccer and they provide us meals when the games are on haha and, of course, they don't turn it off, so we just call it a tender mercy haha. We always share a scripture during dinner. There was one time when we were leaving, it was USA vs. Ghana and we had to get going to our next appointment, so I was closing with a scripture and I decided to share something short and sweet so I shared Moses 1:39. As I read the scripture to them, "For Behold, it is my work and my glory to bring to pass the eternal life of- GOLASO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brooks make that second goal. You can imagine how hard everyone was laughing. The Spirit was still there and I think he was laughing too in a sense. God definitely has a sense of humor haha. Know that I miss the times when we would all laugh like that whenever I was telling a story or we were hearing Benjamin making his hilarious comments, Dad's bad puns, and your smiles as well, Mom. That's something that I do miss and look forward to when I come home. I love you Mom.

Elder Sierra