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Monday, August 25, 2014


Letter from Aug. 11,  2014

Man Alive Mom, 

You all have been very busy. Ironically enough, so have I. J.P.'s baptism was moved to Wednesday and we are all SUPER excited because his Dad and other family are driving down to see it happen and, we have been picking up investigators left and right. Also, we have been hearing rumors again that we would be getting IPads, but I, having been out for a very long time, have learned never to trust rumors in the mission, EVER! They are always the opposite of what will happen, unless it comes from zone leaders or Assistants, or the Mission President (usually those ones are true). 
So, we are back on the same problem as usual which is church, but we have been teaching pretty bodly on that concept. Hopefully, the message comes clearer now. Anyway, my entire district is very jealous that you went to Mary Poppins and didn't invite them and they are all from Utah so they are telling me stories about the theater you went to and I'm, like, "Cool. I will check it out because I still don't know [anything] about Utah!" Anyhow, tell Aunt Kathy and Amariah that I do say hi, as well as a shout out to the whole family telling them all I love them. And if you do go back to Miami then let me know soon, so I can give you a list of people you must say hi to for me... 
We have been doing awesome with the Bernal family. They have been coming to church and are soaking everything in so well, especially Brother Bernal. He has been on fire. The guy gets out of the hospital and is already trying to get back to work and asked us, "when can my family and I get baptized?" There are not much better questions than that one. Elder Williams and I are grateful daily for the success that we have been seeing throughout the transfer and it has been passing by fast. Only two more weeks left then I will be down to only 4 left!!!! Pretty freaky right?! Tomorrow we have zone conference and it's gonna be awesome because 1.) I get to go back to one of my old areas, Manteca and 2.) I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow- finally- so I can get my back checked up, which apparently is a little jacked up (don't worry Mom the damage is completely repairable). That's all the update I have to give right now so I will follow-up with more next week (which I am sure I will have much to talk about). I love you Mom!

Elder Sierra

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