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Monday, August 25, 2014


Letter from Aug 18, 2014

Hey Mom,

The chiropractor gave me some news that wasn't the best. Apparently, something is off in my spine, so I have an appointment with him in about a month to figure it all out. I will be meeting with him until the end of the mission so I can go home with a back that is 100%! Dang! So, Dad is heading down to Uruguay huh? Neat.
JP's baptism was nothing short of AWESOME! The Spirit was there and I couldn't get enough of it. They asked me to go up there and share my testimony and I was just fighting to not be overcome with emotion. The Zavala family don't live in our area, but they invite us over for lunch and what not, all the time. I love hanging with them and we are going to meet at a local Mexican joint for lunch this Wednesday. JP and I are real close and seeing him go into the water (which was FREEZING COLD and draining so they had to do it fast) was awesome. It was a tender moment sharing my testimony. In the past month, 2 of the Zavala's cousins have been baptized. It's just miraculous seeing their family get closer and strengthened throughout their journey. Afterwards, they ordered pizza and we went over to their place for dinner. It was a LOT of fun. We were all just shooting the breeze, sharing bilingual jokes (Dad's joke was the favorite) and had a contest on which missionary could eat the most pizza. I got 2nd place (7 slices), Elder Ruiz ,a previous companion, ate 10 (the guy is a bottomless PIT)! 

I love you all so much and there is not much more to talk about. I'm sure next week I will have something big to talk about. I love you mom and miss you too.

Elder Sierra 
At JP's baptism



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