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Monday, January 13, 2014


Christmas 2013
We didn't get a letter from Elder Sierra for Christmas, but we did get to speak to him on Christmas Eve (lucky us!), due to a Fed-ex snafu with his Christmas pkg that finally arrived in time for Christmas. We also spoke with him on Christmas Day via Skype. =) Here are a few pics and our favorite quote from our conversations:

Somebody was talking and didn't notice how short the barber was cutting his hair until it was too late! LOL.At least hair grows back...
 Elder Sierra took a few minutes to show his brother how to juggle!

Here's our favorite quote from our Christmas conversation: When Elder Sierra's dad asked him what his favorite part of the mission was he replied, "I love all the opportunities to sing and share my testimony through music, but that's not my favorite part. My knowledge of the gospel has grown exponentially, but that's not my favorite part either." After listing a few other things, he said, "After sacrament meeting, I'll be standing in the back of the chapel and I'll look across the room at my investigators, members, and families I know, all going about their business. A feeling comes over me and whispers to me as I watch them and I think to myself, 'These are MY people. These are my flock and I need to serve them and protect them and I LOVE them. These are MY people.' I have had that feeling and felt the Spirit in every area I have served in and I have loved the people there. These are MY people and I love serving and teaching them. That feeling I get is my favorite part of the mission."
Awesome, Elder Sierra. Awesome.

 Oh, look! Hair!
Merry Christmas!

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