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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dear Mom,

I have a baptism that I am going to tomorrow. Linda Reynolds (the Italian aunt I always wanted) is getting baptized. SO EXCITED!!! I have been seeing quite a few miracles happening here. I am excited for transfers and also, I am just tearing it up in my area. I taught 20 lessons last week, have 4 people with a date for baptism and we are just following the Spirit and doing the work. Honestly, I have never felt better. Gonna just keep doing what I do. It even says in the white handbook that all I need is the Lord and my companion. No one else. We got this!!! I love you mom. I don't even worry about anything back home. The Lord has reassured me time and time again that everything will be just fine. As long as I put my heart in the work, I know you will all be alright. That's all I have for now. Anyway Mom, I love you and my time is coming to an end. I've gotta go to an appointment now.
I love you from the West Coast to the East Coast and back to Utah.
Hasta Luego,

Elder Sierra
P.S. I have been taking your advice for Spanish study and it's been working. I think I just need to start increasing my vocabulary now, that's all (plus some grammar).
We have a dog in our apartment! Just in the mornings, haha. He is the mission pet! lol
An electric-powered car. I drove a WUSSY vehicle! hahaha

All the Spanish missionaries in our mission at our Spanish Conference. I'm somewhere near the top.

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