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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Letter from 11/10/14

Hey Mom,

Sorry that I am responding to you so late. Our zone just got back from an AWESOME hike in the mountains along a beautiful lake. We had a lot of fun. 
So, this week we did have a miracle. We got a referral from President Weston (Stake prez) and it went wonderfully. We have just added a family of 5 and we are very excited. They are the Garcia family and they have been very open to the gospel, especially the father, Juan. He has a very solemn and profound love for his family and he has had the opportunity to visit the temple in Salt Lake and the one here in Sacramento. He actually likes the missionaries and respects what we teach. In fact, after we gave the lesson he came up to us, gave us his number, then told us that Thursday and Saturday nights are the best way to go. I love it when they give us a schedule to come back haha. He is very humble and we are very excited. 
So now, we are working with him and also with a part-member family, la familia Villanueva. The wife is not a member and has been a little hesitant on being baptized simply because she is afraid of what her parents would think. Well, as luck would have it, her parents now live with them and we have actually begun the discussions with them......and they LOVE IT hahaha. So freakin' hilarious. I looked at Hermana Villanueva y le dije que, "No tienes ninguna excusa ahora." ( I told her that "you don't have any excuse now) So we are gonna see where that goes. It's not pitch perfect here in El Dorado, but things are getting better little by little and President called me and my companion and commented on the fact that things were looking like they were getting better. It's nice to hear support from your President. So anyway, things here are on the rise. 
I am happy that Benjamin and you have been having a fun time with genealogy work. I need to get on that when I return home. Right now, my work is for the living, not the dead, but once my mission here is completed I will get into the habit of doing that. That is pretty cool that we are related to Danish Kings. Well, mom, I don't have too much to talk about today, other than the fact that Osorio and I ARE SO HAPPY with the package you sent me. It is the best. We love the cd's. Thank you so much.

Elder Sierra

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