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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Dear Mom and Dad,

So sorry that you thought I didn't write again. For transfer weeks our p-day is on Tuesday, so yeah, I forgot to tell you that. Anyway, Elder Villalva and I are still in the area together since he is still my trainer, so transfer week essentially meant nothing to us. So, on to the good news: Pedro Galvez has accepted our invitation to be baptized!!!!!!, but will not commit to a date just yet. He wants to pick out a day when he isn't busy and also wants to get his wife involved in our discussions as well. We are very excited for him and we are continuously working with him and praying hard to get him progressing. He has a powerful desire to seek out the truth and he has been doing everything that he can to do so. 
Another miracle/slash tragedy is Johnny Talons. Because he is English-speaking, he is not in our area where we work, since we focus with only the Spanish speakers. So, once again, I had to give him to the English elders. He had a hard time wanting to change over to the other elders, but he understood the reason why. He wouldn't progress much in a spanish ward. On a brighter note his baptism is this Saturday and he is excited. It's funny how chasing a guy down and scaring him half to death can be a wonderful conversion story in the end. 
Work is still progressing slowly.  None of our other investigators want to make or keep commitments and we had to drop quite a few of them. We are still raring to go, though. We have plans to go and find people in areas that neither of us have been to and now we have more referrals coming in. There's bound to be somebody out there in need of the gospel and we will find them. 
Entonces, I am happy things are looking up as far as work and callings in the church are going. I am especially proud of Benjamin getting all A's. He has always been the smartest guy out of the two of us. Going back to the investigators, the Gonzales family has been an awesome experience and our next lesson with them is kind of the do-or-die lesson. Last lesson we had with them, they recognized the Spirit and they all felt that the Book of Mormon is true. It was a wonderful lesson and at the end of it, Carlos Gonzales (the Father), said, "We truly enjoy and love to hear your lessons and learn more about Christ, but you have to understand that we are Catholic." I was pretty mad when he said that and my companion saw my scalp gettin' hot, but before he could calm me down, I stood up and told him straight out, "Hermano Gonzales, we have shaken the VERY foundation of your beliefs to the CORE. The ONLY reason why you said that you are 'Catholic' is because you are making a last ditch effort to pacify your ego and to desperately hold on to your pride." [This was a quote from a talk.] He then realized that this was not a joke, this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that, to become closer to Him, you have to follow His example, to which he then responded, "Can we talk as a family about this decision and let you know next Tuesday about our decision?" So, we are going to find out how committed he is tonight. We have been praying for them every day. I love you all very much. The mission is getting harder and harder, but we are still working. We will not give up and we are still determined to do the Lord's work. I am so grateful for all the support that you give me. I love you Mom and Dad.

Your Son,

Elder Sierra

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