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Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear My Poor Unfortunate Mother (jk),
I am probably the worst son on earth, aren't I? Didn't think that you would react so strongly about that lol. And I wouldn't feel scared for me because Tyrone and William (the guys I took out) and some of their friends are now our investigators HAHAHA!!! Man, that is funny and during one of our lessons, a cop showed up and said, "So, what are you boys doing?" I just told him, "Preaching the gospel and talking about our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ. Would you like to join us?" He laughed and said, "All right. Well, I guess everything is fine." What a sight that must've been, a couple of missionaries teaching the gospel to a bunch of crips. Gotta love being a missionary, right?
 Well, I have been getting praised a lot out here for doing that by the other missionaries, but as for my companion (who was scared out of his mind), the assistants to the mission president, and my mission president (LOVE THAT GUY), they didn't exactly see eye to eye with me on that one. The assistants went pretty haywire and were chewing me out saying stuff like, it was not becoming of a disciple of Jesus Christ at all, and that I shouldn't have gone in that area at all, I should be ashamed of myself for my vigilantism..., but yeah, they had a list and, if you know me, I kinda was a bit ticked because I knew it was the right thing to do and that we have about 6 new investigators because of it, one of which will be baptized soon. So yeah, I kinda threw it all back at them saying things like, well, if you were called into my area you would've known what was right or not..., secondly, our lives were in danger, so what did you expect me to do..... They didn't seem to like that at all. So, Mission President pays me a visit right before I head out to proselyte and...yeah....basically, he told me I'm the cause of his hair turning gray and that he just wants me to slow down a bit and to try not to make the assistants angry, because they were pretty ticked and it disturbed his work quite a bit, to the point that apparently, they were forbidden to mention my name for the next day, practically.  I asked him what he thought about my experience. He just said, "Elder Sierra, as long as you don't get yourself killed and always try to set a good example, I don't care how you go about teaching. Just don't make my wife worry about you." Felt kinda bad after that one. SO, yeah, gotta try to be more humble. However, work is going well and the Valdez family (Chewy's family) is going to be baptized as a FAMILY on the 6th of July. SO EXCITED!!! 
Mom things may get hectic, but I promise you everything is going to be all right and I will come home safe. I'm sorry that you had a rough week, but I love you and hey, I wanted to share with you something that would make you happy. I have learned some hymns and I am trying to learn a few more so that I can play for the Spanish wards now. I'm getting back on the piano, Mom, even learning a bit of guitar (in my personal time, of course). Tell everyone I love them and thanks for caring and reading the blog.
Your son (who is trying not to be completely chaotic),
Elder Sierra
p.s. Olive Garden, Walmart, well, money in general would be great, especially now since my companion doesn't have much financial support (Elder Sierra's birthday is July 20th)
p.p.s send me more of the comments from my previous letter and from this one. They are FUNNY! Everyone here got a good laugh out of it! Also, let me know what everyone thinks haha had NO idea that it would spread like wildfire back home. But haha if I didn't have stories to tell then I wouldn't be doing much, right? Love ya!
A quick response to mom and dad's thoughts about the exchange between Elder Sierra and the APs (asstistants to the president) while he was still online today: 

I get the point. I just didn't like the way they were talking to me, that's all. But, yeah, things have cooled over. The mission president said that we were both in the wrong for talking like that to each other. Yes, I need to respect the AP's but, at the same time, they need to criticize in a Christlike manner. 

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