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Monday, June 10, 2013


Dear Mom,

Well, I am happy to say that my toes feel a lot better. Also, sorry for not telling you that I sang at a Spanish fireside. The Spirit was powerful and it was literally something that was thrown together in the space of 10 minutes. haha. But, it was great. The Galvez family is doing well, but we couldn't meet with them, so, it kinda put a dent in our plans to ask him to be baptized.  It will all work out.  Pedro is a firm believer. Chewy is also doing great. His family has been coming to church with him these past couple weeks and they are all looking forward to his baptism. That, and we now have dates with Antonio, Juan (also teaching his gf), and Jorge. Things have been picking up well. It has been a very exciting week. 
SO, anyhow, my little story for today is about a little interesting experience that happened about three days ago. And, it required me to bring back the old JG. Friday morning, when we were making plans to go out and tract, I pointed to an area that we have never been to before and I asked my companion, "How come we never tract over in this area?" He told me that is was a VERY rough area and that the Bloods and the Crips are constantly fighting there. I told him not to worry and that I felt that there was an investigator waiting for us there. He was still not convinced, so I told him, "Don't worry, man, if anything happens I will fight our way out of it." He was still not all right with it, but he put his trust in me and we went over to that area. As we began to tract, I spotted a Spanish guy fixing up his car, so we began to walk over, and lo and behold, a couple of guys get in my way. They were members of the Crips and were cussing us out and pretty much bluntly told us to give them whatever money we had on us and to get in our car and get the heck out of their neighborhood. Being me, especially since the Spirit prompted me to talk to the Hispanic guy fixing up the car, who was now looking at us, all I said to them was this, "Get out of my way or I will not be responsible for what happens to you both." My companion was freaking out and the two Crips didn't really like that, so, of course, they attacked me. Took me about 2 minutes maybe 3 to take 'em out. My companion was in awe...  One of them dropped a knife during the fight and I grabbed it and they were freaking out. I told them that I would keep the knife and that I would spare them if they would take two Books of Mormon and go home. HAHAHA!! I wish I had a camera! Their faces were SO FUNNY! We had a small conversation about the Lord and my companion and I talked with them about the Plan of Salvation that brought tears to their eyes. Their names were Tyrone and William. They are nice guys, just a little confused. Gave them each a Book of Mormon and they went on their way. The Hispanic guy watched the entire thing. As we approached him he said, "Why did you fight with those 2 young men?" I said, "Because we have a beautiful message to share with you about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and I wasn't going to let two gangsters get in the way of that." He cried. He told us that he was waiting for this his entire life. His name is Rodrigo Garcia. He will be baptized on July 13. The Spirit is always with those who strive to be righteous. You will know when it is the time to stand up for your beliefs and to fight for what is right. I leave you with those words of wisdom.

Elder Sierra, now known as "The Fighting Missionary"

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