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Monday, August 26, 2013

Letter dated 8/19/2013

Hey Dad,

It's been a while since I have heard from ya. Thanks for the advice. I have been trying to lose myself in the work. If there is anything I want people to remember me by, it is that I worked hard and loved the people with all my might. 
California is pretty legit. It's hot right now (not as hot as FL), but it's all right, since I am still in a car. My companion is the "relief society president" (district leader of A LOT of sisters haha). Our District consists of Elder Lee, and me (our visa-waiter just got his call to Argentina, so he is gone), and 6 other sisters. It's tough...
We have a baptism set up for this coming Saturday. His name is Nick. He is 10 years old and we are trying to see if his father will choose to be baptized or not, since he comes to church EVERY Sunday and loves it. His mother is a member and is very excited and continues to plead with us to continue to teach her husband and invite him to be baptized. He is soooo close!!!!!!!! I know he will be baptized soon. He loves the gospel and he believes in everything that has been taught and has a firm testimony that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet (it is a miracle how he has NOT committed to baptism yet). 
Work is tough at times, but we press on. Spanish is coming along great. I can teach the lessons in Spanish without any struggle now and can keep up any conversation in Spanish. Oh, and Dad, I want you to buy me a book or something that can help me learn the Cuban dialect. I think Benjamin wants to speak more like Mom, but Dad I wanna speak like you do, porque soy Cubano CHICO! Cuba es mi herencia y me encanta la cultura. Papi, yo he escuchado que podemos volver a Cuba oltra vez si tenemos familia alli o si tenemos sangre cubano. Padre, siento que hay una familia alli que necesitamos ver. No se por que, pero si hay una oportunidad ir a Cuba, hacemoslo. Entonces, como esta trabajo? Es todo bien con Mama y Benjamin y otra familia? Estoy animado hablar con ellos en espanol. He practicado y todavia estoy aprendiendo la idioma. Queiro [hablar con] fluencia en 6 meses mas. Despues de eso he [decidido] aprender portuges y frances (es una historia largo). Me encanta esta obra papi... Te Queiro. (translation: ...because I am CUBAN! Cuba is my heritage and I love its culture. Dad, I've heard that we can return to Cuba if we have family there or Cuban blood. Dad, I feel that there is a family there that we need to see. I don't know why, but if there is an opportunity to go to Cuba, let's do it. So, how is work? IS everything good with Mom and Benjamin and the rest of the family? I'm excited to speak with them in Spanish. I've practiced and I am still learning the language. I want to speak fluently in 6 more months. After that, I've decided to learn Portuguese and French (it's a long story) I love this work, dad. I love you.)

Tu Chico,  (Your Son)
Elder Sierra

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