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Monday, August 26, 2013


Aug. 26, 2013

Hey mom, 

I'm happy to know you and Dad are doing all right as far as work and house stuff goes. Benjamin has been telling me some pretty sweet things he has been doing, as well. Hope he keeps on staying active. I know I am out here in the field. 

I do agree that I could've been nicer to that one lady I mentioned last week, but that was the short story of the moment and I didn't have time to explain more fully about it. Well anyhow, I got mad because she was literally blocking the way of our referral. That's why I yelled. She kept slandering our church and kept making these threats and terrible attacks on our church which, honestly, I couldn't ignore after that. That's when I snapped and then she moved out of the way. So that's why I yelled, but it was not in vain. Not only is the referral that we got getting baptized, but also that same lady, Mrs. Everton, asked us to talk with her for a moment. This was a couple of days ago after teaching Claudia.  

When we were walking back to our car, she stopped us and asked us to sit down. I did it reluctantly because my companion wanted to (he said c'mon, man, after you told her off like that, you OWE her a little chat). So 
I sat down, annoyed with the whole ordeal, as she went inside her apartment for a minute. I thought that she was getting all of her anti-mormon garbage and I was SURE that she was gonna be trying to bash with us, or whatever, and waste our time, but my companion insisted on us staying. REALLY was almost about to throw a tantrum, I was so freaking mad. However, she came out with two mugs of ice cold HOMEMADE ROOT BEER and with a Book of Mormon in her hand. After she gave us the mugs she said, "I'm sorry for what I said the other day. My husband has recently passed away and I was very angry before you came by. But after you left, I wanted to prove to you that your religion was false so I read the Book of Mormon (she broke into tears). I have read many of these chapters and have felt a stirring that I have never felt before. Will you please explain to me what this feeling is?" I almost broke down. My companion kinda gave me that "told you so" look. We taught her a beautiful lesson on the Plan of Salvation and she wants to be baptized, but we have to PASS HER OFF!!! So angry, but she wants to stop by at least once a week and we WILL, cuz she makes the best root beer known to MAN! So, in short, I learned my lesson. Don't scream at old ladies cuz in the end you will be burned!!

Love you mom,

Elder Sierra

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