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Friday, September 6, 2013

 Letters from Tuesday, 9/3/2013

Hey Dad, 

I'm happy that you saw my area and that you all loved the package I sent home. I also appreciate my package, Dad. My companion, Elder Lee, and I were thrilled to see the snacks in there and especially, the Red Robin's gift card that we are HITTING UP TODAY after our shopping trip to Bass Pro Shop haha. The members are hookin' us UP!! 
So, you guys were all in my area!!! (Mom and Dad had a business trip which took them to Elder Sierra's mission. Afterwards, we sent pictures of where we went!)  Ripon is part of my area!! You actually were VERY close to where I was serving. Definitely walking distance. Stockton is not my area. 
The mission is good. I'll explain more about it in Mom's letter but yeah, we are finding small miracles everywhere we go. I hope you felt the Lord pouring out His Spirit throughout Sacramento, cuz He is. I love the work that's going on and I have been trying my hardest to love my ward and the members with all my heart. This is the work of the Lord and it can't be stopped by any man. I continue to try and be as Bold as a LION and love everyone. 
Father, you are my example and no one compares to you. I love you and I will talk to you next week. Thanks for honoring my work and not seeing me, as much as I am sure you wanted to. However, if you did, it would've destroyed the sweet reunion that we will have in about 18 months. Time flies fast Dad. Before you know it, I'll hit a year. Then it'll be 6 months, then one week left. Then I will be home. And I will scream this when I come off the plane. "I'm BACK SUCKAS!!!" And you will know it's me. 

Love you,

Elder Sierra

Hey Mom,

Entonces, You had a lot to write this time. Which makes me have to write more. Don't like that haha, but I loved every bit of your letter....  
I finished the Book of Mormon today in personal study and the last 30 minutes of my study I was praying to God, asking Him again if the Book of Mormon was true. And he answered me with a burning bosom in my soul,  to which I responded in humble and loud praise, an everlasting prayer of gratitude for blessing me to be born of goodly parents, for my parents taught me to walk uprightly before God. For behold, I am a SON of GOD, a latter-day stripling warrior. MY MOTHER taught me to have faith in Jesus Christ, to pray always, and to praise God. Yea, it was my MOTHER who turned me into a Faithful young man. And I watched and learned from my righteous Father, daily, striving to be a righteous and worthy PRIESTHOOD HOLDER... You taught me the truth of God. I know my purpose. It is to save souls, love them, cherish them, and FIERCELY, WITH ALL OF MY BEING, PROTECT THEM! 
I am happy you saw my mission. My home away from home. The members here are wonderful. Oh, how I wish you could meet them. Many came from very humble backgrounds, but are so loving. They have enlisted me and my companion in their choir. My companion and I look forward to choir practice. It is a lot of fun. We look forward to serving these people every day and we are constantly exhausted. 
This transfer has been hard. I have not gotten any sleep.  I'm struggling to stay awake in lessons, at times, and especially, in Sacrament meeting on Sundays. I fall asleep without even realizing it, even when I think I am paying attention. It does bother me. My companion has been great about being patient with me. He knows I'm trying to work hard every minute and he even said, "Elder Sierra, I cannot possibly ask anymore of you because I am afraid that you will push even harder than you are now and drop dead." Sadly, I pushed too much and fainted yesterday. Luckily, it was after our last lesson and my companion placed me in the car, drove us home, and threw me into bed. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing companion. He is [very much] a brother in my eyes. 
Mom, the work is going very well. Our baptism that we had with little Nick was amazing. We are working with his father, and are continuing to help our other investigators come closer to Christ. I have never loved more, I have never cried more, and I have never prayed more in my life. The gospel is true. I love you Mom.

Your Stripling Warrior,

Elder Sierra 


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