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Friday, September 27, 2013


Lots of short notes to family this week. Sometimes it's fun to pull them all together:
Hey Mom,

Well transfer calls came in and I am leaving Manteca (really wanted to stay another transfer) and I am going into Folsom (all the missionaries want to go to Folsom) and to add to that, I'm going into ENGLISH WORK!!!! When I got the call I was like, ummm.....I think you mixed my call up with someone else's. The AP's were like, "No, Elder Sierra, your assignment is to go into Folsom. We really agree with President that you can do great work there. And, we have a companion there that we really want you to help out." I was pretty [upset]. I'll email details to you about that later Mom. But anyhow, I kinda accepted the assignment somewhat bitterly cuz I love the Spanish people and teaching them and felt that it was WAY too early to take me out of Spanish work. So, I'm pretty mad about it all, but after talking to [my President] about it, I calmed down and accepted the call. So, I don't like it, but I'm gonna do it. 

Anyhow, on a somewhat brighter note, we have 4 baptisms lined up and I may not see them (go figure) because Folsom is pretty far up north, from what I hear. So this seems to be the cycle of my mission: I go out, I find 'em, may see a few go down into the font, but usually leave, or they leave somewhere else, before I see it happen. A lot of frustration, but at least I am bringing more and more back into the fold. Anyhow, I love you Mom. I'll write to you quick before I log off.

Elder Sierra

Letter #2:
Okay mom I feel we are having bipolar conversations right now...so bear with me, haha. Remember that I am your beloved first born haha. Yeah, after the APs gave me the call I told them, "Umm, yeahh, where's Prez?" They told me he is very tired and just returned home. I told them "Well, I'm gonna call him.  This is stupid." *click* APs war again lol. I called President asking him, "I know you're tired, but I need to talk to you. Can you spare the time?" He, of course, said, "I always have time for you, Elder Sierra," and I told him my concerns about losing the Spanish I gained and going into English work so early. He told me, "I had a feeling you'd call me about that. Even I didn't want to give you that calling at first, but Elder Sierra, I am putting you there, actually, because many missionaries have told me the need to start a Spanish group in Folsom. So, I am sending you to actually do Spanish work there, but at the same time, I need you in Folsom because you need to teach your new companion how to baptize and to prepare yourself for leadership very soon. I know you don't want to do leadership but this is something I need you to do. Also, I know amazing things will happen in English work. Also, if you find any more crips, you can baptize them." With that, I calmed down and realized that it will be a change, but that it's necessary. So, I called the APs back, apologized and packed my bags.
p.s. [To answer mom's question], I dont wanna be a leader cuz I like just working, but I know I need to so I will anyways. Mom. it's time for me to go.  Love you SO much. Bye

Words of Wisdom From Elder Sierra's Letter to Benjamin:

I have calmed down a lot more. I made a goal this [past] transfer to be strictly obedient and to learn my Spanish to a point where I can teach smoothly without stumbling. I have achieved both....
We need to get back on instruments bro. I am learning piano and am playing the guitar and the ukelele out here so you need to get back on piano and pick up an instrument, as well. I promise, as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, it will strengthen our brotherhood, help us to be of better service to others, it will be fun, and it would make Mom VERY happy. Love you bro,
Elder JG

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