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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Letter from 9/16/2013

Hey Mom,

This week has been tough! No new investigators and not many sit down lessons this week. Kinda depressing, but I was depressed about my first couple transfers because we had a hard time, and it did me no good, so I can't get mad and bog myself down. Instead, I take it out on soccer every week when we play on p-day. Pwning people really helps to get the stress out, haha.

Nick's father is coming along. He has been recognizing, little by little, how much the Church means to him and his family and we are SO CLOSE. He comes to church every week and has great insights on the Book of Mormon. His favorite story is about the testimony of Abinadai and how we all need to be exactly like him: ready to put your life on the line by following the example of Jesus Christ, to which I responded, "Pues hermano, usted es listo. ponga su vida in los manos de nuestro Salvador y sera bautizado?" (translation: Well brother, you are ready. Will you put your life in our Savior's hands and be baptized?) GOT HIM GOOD!! We have a date in October that we are working for. He wants us to help him finish preparing to take that final step. We are very excited for him.

Also, on October 5th, we have a date for a member's (Angel) wife and son. The wife (Teresita) used to HATE the missionaries and now loves us coming over and always wants to feed us. We couldn't believe the change she went through. I love her son, Angelito. He and I are tight. I took some time with him to read about the 2,000 Stripling warriors and how he is likened unto them. I then asked, "Are you ready to join the ranks of those amazing young men and be baptized?" He was like, "Elder Chico (his nickname for me), I have been waiting for that forever. When can I get baptized?" This kid is a little ball of fire, so full of joy and of the Spirit.

Even through the hard times there are always little miracles to be had. I love you Mom, and good luck with everything back home. I do pray every night for you all... I can't think of how I miss Dad's advice to me and his sense of humor, the love I received from my mother giving me a hug and kiss before I walked out the door, or watching my brother grow up, becoming an amazing Man. If I do, I begin to miss home, but know that I think of you often and I love you all so much.
Elder Sierra
p.s. I have been singing for members and we have a music night for one of them.... I told them if we do that they have to send the videos to my mom cuz they want me to sing Phantom of the Opera and other things like that.

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