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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Letter from 9/09/13
Hey Momma

Yes, Benjamin was telling to me about his (soccer) game. It'll be good to watch him when I come home. I wish I'd paid more attention to his martial arts and other stuff that he was doing while growing up. I miss them. Anyhow, I am feeling better now and I am trying to work at a better pace... It's hard to stay diligent and not collapse, but after talking to the zone leaders (cuz they were getting a little worried) they told me to take 20 minute naps every day. In fact, it's a rule! Didn't know that. 

Here's my spiritual moment of the week: We went by to see a less active family called the Castros. Very beautiful family. Five kids and they are all very nice. We were sitting with them and talking with them about life and a little about ourselves. They commented on my Spanish. They said it sounded different. Sister Castro said it sounded very clean, like from Spain. Her husband thought it was very fast, like it was from Cuba. Both were right on the mark haha. I told them how my Father is Cubano and my Mother served her mission in Barcelona. They thought it was awesome how I was apparently mixing the dialects while I was learning the language, especially since I am surrounded by a Mexican culture. I was proud (obviously). 

Later on, we talked about the gospel. They then asked me what was it that helped me gained my testimony. I told them a very short, summarized portion of how I humbled myself to pray to my Father in Heaven and how that lead to me opening my heart to want to learn more for myself. The spirit filled the room. I then went on to say that I wanted my testimony to be likened unto Moroni's. "For behold, their wars are exceedingly fierce among themselves; and because of their hatred they put to death every Nephite that will not deny the Christ And I, Moroni, will not deny the CHRIST." 

In these days, we live in a world where we are constantly being tempted. Sin is right at our every doorstep and the snares of temptation are more cynical and lines between right and wrong are blurred. Families are under siege, the philosophies of man are preferred over scriptural doctrine, the adversary is very busy trying to remind us that we are sinners and that we have no chance of returning to our Father. People continue to bash the church with false impressions that we believe in something that is too incredible to ever happen to any man.

I just had the opportunity to bear my testimony to a man that was insulting us as we were walking by, and I could no longer take it. He said that Joseph Smith was a fraud and a liar. I ran up to him, before my companion could stop me, and testified to him. "SHUT your mouth and listen to what is TRUE!! This is the true church on the earth. It was restored by Joesph Smith, who saw God. He translated the Book of Mormon and testified that JESUS is the CHRIST! I can understand if people hated him if he said he WAS Christ. Or that someone else is Christ. Or that there is NO Christ (that part's from a talk). But, he merely testified to those that thought they knew Christ that he saw Him and spoke to Him. He is a modern living witness that Jesus is the Christ and our message is the greatest message on the Earth, ever since the angels testified that our glorious Savior, our King, the Holy one of Israel, was coming to redeem all mankind. This is my testimony to you." He was completely dumbfounded. I left a Book of Mormon on his step and walked back to my companion. Never be afraid to testify. It strengthens your testimony and it helps us to overcome the temptations of the world. Through Christ we can overcome all things, but it requires humility.  Love you Mom.

Elder Sierra

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