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Monday, December 2, 2013


Dear Mom,

I'm happy to hear Thanksgiving went great for you guys. It had to be if Uncle Bob and Aunt Angela came up to visit. How are their kids doing? They still cute as a button? And also, thanks for showing me pics from family. I really needed to see that. Thanksgiving without seeing family kinda stinks lol. But, I had my companion to spend it with and he is real cool. Elder Sempf hails from a small town in Wisconsin. A red cheese head by far (the guys a ginger) and is full of patience, having a positive outlook on everyone. He is kinda teaching me a thing or two about how to control my temper a bit. It's hard for me to be mad, though, especially since we just had Marcos and Miguel show up for church, and they loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! Man, I love these guys! After the first couple of hymns, Marcos turned to me and said, "Las canciones estan perfecto. Me gusta el sentimiento de gozo que siento." (The songs are perfect. I like the feeling of joy I feel.) (awesome comment # 1). During sacrament, he asked me some pretty inspired questions pertaining to the Atonement and, after answering them, he says, "Oh I get it, so we are saved after ALL we do. Jesus makes up the difference (and that He does. awesome comment # 2). They were completely bewildered by the testimonies during the first hour and by the end of the meeting they looked at us and said, "THAT'S IT?!! That went by WAY too fast. Will it be like this next week, same time?" (I couldn't believe it cuz to me it was kinda long. Miraculous awesome comment # 3 and *ding* *ding* *ding* we have a WINNER!!) Both of them asked us when we could stop by again we told them Friday (usually when we see them). Miguel then asked, "Friday is fine, but can you come Wednesday, too? We should be done with homework by 3." My companion and I looked at each other and were like, "Uhhhh....sure thing." (This usually NEVER happens). So, Elder Sempf and I are PUMPED!! And we can't wait to continue teaching them. They are bright, young men and, in fact, our branch president was their middle school teacher. He took us aside and said, "Those boys always stood out in my classes. You make sure you teach them well." Yeah so....no pressure whatsoever. 
We have been adding many families. Our teaching pool is now 16 people/families and we are excited for what the mission and the Lord brings. It's gonna be an awesome Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone and I sure do think of all of you in my hearts, especially you Mom. Love you all.

Elder John-Gregory Sierra 

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