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Monday, December 9, 2013


Hey Mom,

I did get the package with the advent chain (makes my day, every night) and the one with the 4th day of Christmas (not opening it until required time, I promise lol). I am not surprised at the fact that you guys are running yourselves ragged again, but I think that's cool how you and Dad are focusing more on scriptures to read than activities. May I suggest a couple of chapters to look at? 1 Nephi 1 (focus on the interpretations) and Alma 7:9-12. Both of those scriptures are the main ones I have been sharing with my investigators and with the people we contact because they talk about the Spirit of Christmas and are from the Book of Mormon. Because the purpose of having the BOM is that it is another Testament that Jesus is the Christ. All of our investigators, especially Marcos and Miguel, have really enjoyed it and felt a sweet spirit enter in. 'Tis the season to celebrate Christ. 
Work has been picking up very fast, usually does around December, and we have been VERY busy, whether it's teaching, serving, giving blessings, visiting members that are struggling a little, or helping out other missionaries with their areas, not to mention practicing for the missionary conference (I am singing I Wonder as I Wander and helping put together All For a Baby and Run To the Manger). Also, Sister Lewis asked me to give a talk on the Spirit of Christmas and, the Nativity here asked Elder Sempf and me to give the Nativity tours and be in charge of the dress-up booth. And, to top all that off, we have been asked to be in charge of giving temple tours in espaƱol for the next week or so, because so many people, including our investigators, are going on tours. So yeah, we are pretty booked too. 
This has been my 2nd-fasted transfer so far. Fastest one is still the one I had with Elder Russel. So, rumors are spreading about transfers again. Everyone thinks I am leaving to go to another area (I will be ENRAGED if that happens to me again!) It would be my 4th time spending only one transfer in an area. My companion thinks I'll train, and my DL wants me to go District Leader. Wouldn't mind it too much, but rather not do it during the holidays. I would be real busy if either of those two things happened. Like I said, 'tis the season... to be working, non-stop. 
Well, Mom, that kinda sums it all up. As for sunglasses, I don't care what brand, I just need because I hate having the sun in my eyes all the time. No tree needed; we got a fake one and we will be spending the night at the DL's apartment for Christmas anyway (they have a real tree that the members got them). Thanks for the packages, Mom! Both Elder Sempf and I are doing awesome. Really would like to stay with him one more transfer. Love you Mom.
Elder Sierra

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