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Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter from Sept. 22, 2014

Dear Mom,

You are the best, but also crazy!!! My companion and good friend, Elder Rentz thought that was pretty funny what you did to my passcode... I will talk to you more about education later, but thank you so much for making life easy for me, Mom! I love and appreciate the fact that you took the time to help me to get the details and obstacles out of the way so it can be a very smooth transition when I come home.

As far as the mission goes, life goes on and Elder Williams and I are continuing to be Bausses!! We just got 25 lessons last week and we have been picking up new investigators. Two of them are from an investigator we are already teaching named Armando. Armando is a 17 year-old kid who really was prepared to receive the gospel. At first his parents weren't all for it, especially when he accepted a baptismal date for Oct. 18, but as they saw the changes he was making, they were curious to understand why he was doing what he was doing. Now we are teaching them and his younger brother. Brian is still trudging along. It's been tough because he hasn't been able to come to church, but he still has his eye on the prize and his mother gets off work soon, meaning that her schedule will be a lot more flexible. In short, winning!! 

Today was an awesome pday because I went to Coloma which is a site for gold discovery that was established by the Mormon Battalion. It has some interesting stories and a fantastic history about the saints back then. Sadly, we didn't have time for most of it that and there was a huge wildfire that had happened before we got there so there was a lot of smoke and the view wasn't that great, but we still had fun. Later our buddy Mike, you will meet him soon (he is da bomb!!!), took us to Deseret bookstore (I couldn't buy anything I had no $$), then to the DI to get some mission library stuff, then to nike because mike decided that my tennis shoes are utter crap and that I need to stop pulling the proud card and ask for help. So he was a boss and got me new shoes. They are nice and I'll send a pic when I can. In short I'm happy. Well anyway, I love you mom and I will do better about email next week. 


Elder Sierra

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