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Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter from Sept. 29, 2014

Hey Mom,

This week has been BOSS! We have been getting a lot of lessons and new investigators. There is one investigator that we picked up yesterday by the name of Jose Diaz. He was very ready and excited to hear about the gospel. The lesson was very spiritual. I had the impression after we had finished a lesson to go knock on a door at the end of the house. Not much came of the initial contact, but the person that lived in the house referred us to a different house on the street. So we made our way over there and, lo and behold, Jose was excited to see us. He had been searching for answers to questions he had about life and religion and had hoped God would send someone to answer them. We were more than happy to. We started off with the restoration. He was very interested and understood very well the importance of Prophets. He told us that he had understood why it was necessary for a prophet to lead and guide us. He then asked, "Por que no tenemos profetas hoy en estos tiempos?"(Why don't we have prophets now?) To which I responded, "Pues, actualmente tenemos un Profeta hoy y su nombre es Thomas S. Monson." (Actually, we have a prophet today and his name is Thomas S. Monson) We then explained Joseph Smith's vision. The Spirit was very powerful. My companion then challenged him to be baptized. Without hesitation or second thought, he said, yes. He has a date for Nov. 1st. Our next appointment is on Wednesday and we are very excited. 
Brian Arevalo is set for the 25th of October (it would be sooner, but he will be on vacation for a couple weeks). He is very prepared, his family is supporting him and they are also taking the lessons. He is 13 years old. Brian is SO ready for baptism it's not even funny. His mother told us to get him baptized and that she would follow right after she is finished with work. She has two more weeks in los campos (the fields) and afterwards, she will be off [the rest] of this year and most of next year.  We are PUMPED!!
We have been blessed to find a lot of work and prepared, humble people that are willing to make and keep commitments. My companion and I are doing great still and we are just chillin' now. Today, we have been blessed with a FULL DAY P-DAY (a day which is basically a vacation day almost) because we got to see the new movie, Meet the Mormons (I so recommend watching it), meaning we got the whole day to chill. We don't proselyte that day.  President Jardine is a bauss.
Anyway that is all I got for you guys this week. I love you Mom

Elder Sierra

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