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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Letter from New Year's Day 2015

Note to Dad:
I have already accepted such a challenge. The Lord has asked it of me. I will run to the finish. It means that my last transfer will go by the fastest, but it also means that the work will hasten and move along. My goal is to leave a STRONG foundation for the Spanish group so that when missionaries come in, they will no longer need to say, "Let's make a game plan!" There will already be a game plan. Instead, they will ask, "What needs to be done next?" I will achieve this goal and more, if I can. I have been honored to finish my mission in the El Dorado area and leave my mark. I will come home with my shield, with my honor, with my head held high......and exhausted. I love you too, Dad. I accept your challenge. I will talk to you next week.

Elder Sierra

Hi Mom,
I just got online and was talking to Ricky, telling him, THAT I GOT PERMISSION FROM PRESIDENT TO BAPTIZE HIM!!
I AM SO HAPPY! He called me today saying that if I'm not there, there will be no baptism. I am real excited... I love Ricky to death. He is one awesome convert.

I enjoyed Skyping with you all. It was weird because I knew in six weeks, I was going to see you all again face to face. However, it gave me great comfort to know that you were all happy and are okay. 
Well, we just had transfers yesterday. My brother, Elder Osorio (one of my closest companions) has been called to serve as a DL in East Sac. I was very sad to see him go, and from what he told me, he was very sad to leave me. We accomplished so much together and we had hoped to serve one more transfer together, but life goes on and he had to move on to bigger and better things. My new companion is Elder Mortensen. The guy looks a LOT like Jace (I found that very weird). Anyway, he is from South Jordan and has been out a little under 6 months. He is obviously a little fresh, but he is excited as any to go forth and work. He is a good kid and is pretty dang funny. We will make a good team. His Spanish needs much improvement, but that will come, all in due time. I am gonna have him start translating next Sunday. His Spanish will improve a ton by next transfer. I am leaving this area in his capable hands, so I gotta show him the ropes quick so he can take the reigns when I am finally gone. He was excited to serve with me haha. He heard a lot of stories about me and was pumped to have the chance to meet me and be my companion. I told him, "Whatever stories you heard.....they are probably all true haha". I am happy to have a good companion at my last transfer. I am very blessed. 
Well Mom, tell Ralynne I say happy belated birthday.... So. there isn't much to update you on. You heard it all when we Skyped last week. I will write again next Monday if anything comes up. I am trying to keep the momentum here and am praying that we will be able to go where the miracles are at. I love you Mom. 

Elder Sierra 

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