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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Letter from 1/26/2015

Hey Mom,

I have not received the package yet, but I am pretty sure it's at my place waiting for me. It'll be a nice present to return to. It really will be my final package haha. Man Mom, like, a little more than two more weeks then I will be back. It gets to me from time to time when I am talking to members and I will be setting up stuff in the future and then it hits me, "Wait....I won't be here!". Or my companion would remind me, "Dude, you'll be home by then!" It sucks, but I will be happy to be back. I just really love my area here. The Villanueva family did not show yesterday, but we still had a good attendance. 7 still beats 3-4 (still not including us). The familia Rodriguez are taking the temple lessons and getting interviews with the bishop so they can be sealed and it doesn't look like I will be on my mission to see it, but it's fine as long as it happens. Work is coming along steadily. I have finally made a system for the Spanish group so that they can always have support from the stake. I feel like I have accomplished what I needed to in the area now. All I am doing at this point is just patching everything up. I will be able to return home with a clear conscience. 
....Well Mom, I know it's a short letter, but I figure I'll just tell you the rest when I get home. I love you and will talk to you soon. Thanks for all the updates. 


Elder Sierra

Pictures from our last temple trip:

My mission president, President Jardine, and his wife.


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