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Monday, February 2, 2015


Hey Mom,

Yeah, next Tuesday will be my final P-Day! Then I will be prepping to return home. I have a family that's gonna drop off some of my stuff, as well, to make the airfare a lot cheaper. That, and to transport stuff that I didn't want on a plane. So it'll get to you right before I get home. The Casper Family will be dropping them off and from what I hear, you and Sister Casper have been in contact with one another lol. I find it funny how some of the people here connect with you. To me it connects my family to my mission... ,Well Mom, I am happy that I can be of help spiritually when I can. I love being of service to others. It helps me to see the people the way that our Heavenly Father sees them. It allows me to feel His love as well. It converts me closer to the Lord and I lose myself in trying to love and serve others. This has been the ultimate lesson of my mission. 
Well, Mom, the work here is picking up little by little. The Villanuevas came again to church and I have asked Brother Villanueva to teach the lesson this coming Sunday. The Spanish class continues to grow and I love it. This has been one of my favorite areas to serve in. I have been in many and this has been one of my hardest challenges because this one required patience. I know things will work out whether I am here or not. Time and time again the Lord has let me know that the people here will not be abandoned. I am grateful for this place. It has taught me much and I love them and, even more special, I have felt the love from the people that I served here. They wish to keep in touch with me and they want me to return soon. I love it here. I love you Mom. 
This is my last week to go all out. I've got a lot of service meetings with the stake president, bishops and several ward mission leaders and there are, like, 10 dozen members that want me for dinner/lunch/breakfast/brunch/dinner and breakfast haha Seriously! I don't even have much time to even BE trunky! I got complimented by my mission president who said, "Elder Sierra, out of everybody in your group that is leaving, you seem to be the most collected missionary that is going home. You know you're going home and accept it, but you don't use it as an excuse to stop working. I'm proud of you."
I will return home with honor. Love you Mom!

Elder John-Gregory Sierra 
Here's a pic from the temple trip:
 Elder Rentz is on the left, and Elder Hinkley is on the right.

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