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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Letter from July 22, 2013

Well Mom, I am getting increasingly worried for you now. You somehow look for and find new ways to hurt yourself. I know masochism sounds fun, but trust me, it's not for you lol.

Anyway, Juan and his fiance, who are getting married in about a week or two, wanted to hold off getting baptized until after marriage (which is fine, it's better that way.) Antonio and Chewy are having some issues right now so we rescheduled their dates, but don't know when yet. You can only imagine my frustration. 

That Saturday was kind of annoying, but opening up that box MADE MY DAY!!! We had a party in my apartment that night... President decided to visit me that night and just walked right in while we were hitting the piñata... However, he thought it was funny and hugged me saying, "Happy B-day." He also wanted to sit down with me for about 10 minutes. In my head I was thinking CRAP! However, it worked out very well. The talk started like this. "Elder Sierra I've noticed that the relationship between you and my assistants is rapidly going downhill. Do you agree?" "Well President...in my defense, they kinda are pretty annoying and are interfering with the progress here. Maybe if I had someone else to actually report to and give me good insights, then there wouldn't be any problems." (WRONG THING TO SAY!) "All right, Elder Sierra, we can make that happen." "Really Pres!" (He set me up for the fall.) "From now on, you report straight to me. Every Week! That sounds like a good compromise. You report to me, the AP's are out of your way, and I will tell you what you need to do. Does that work?" So yeah, in short, I report to him now. Which isn't bad. In fact, it's MUCH BETTER. I'm LIKIN IT! So yeah, AP's are forbidden to talk to me. It all worked out well. I've just got the mission president watching everything I do now so I gotta watch myself and straighten up more haha. Anyway, we LOVED the birthday box and had a VERY fun time. I will send you the sd card when I send you your b-day present. I love you Mom. Please stop hurting yourself. 

Elder Sierra

(President) told me to keep doing what I'm doing because I'm trying to follow the Spirit. This mission is so focused on numbers it's sick.
So, President likes me a lot. We have been doing great work 
Elder Sierra's birthday piñata! He is definitely a Toro!!

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