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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Letter from July, 15, 2013
Remember as you read this letter that you love me with all your wonderful hearts...................

Well, Mom and Dad! It's really hard to tell you this, but..........WE'VE GOT TWO BAPTISMS SET FOR THE FLIPPIN' FREAKIN' 20th BABY!!!!!! WHAT A WAY TO START MY 20's. I'm Likin it! But I realize now that I am no longer a teenager and that I will slowly begin turning into an old man. So it's all downhill from here haha. But I ain't maturing any more than I am now (cuz I like being insane) and I am gonna do missionary MY WAY through the Lord's Way. Basically, like Elijah!! Cuz he was a BOSS! 

Anyhow, we have Chewy and Antonio set for this week. Juan is next week since he was out of town last weekend. But it's all good. He is back and ready to go. Happy to hear how Dad is doing with his business as well as with his weight loss. He is LOOKING FINE!! 

Also, thank you very much for the B-Day pics. Haven't gotten any package yet, but president called me and wants to have a sit down with me (Didn't do anything wrong.....as far as I know) and said that he will give me my package personally. Can't say if I'm looking forward to that or not. Probably wants me to make peace with the AP's, especially when they got on my case about ALMOST going over my miles given to me by the mission to use the car (I'm not even the guy driving the car) and also, all the other companionships in the zone are over their miles. I do everything in my power to not overuse miles, so this was all pure 'Baloney'. So, I've tried to, you know, love my enemies and all that... but couldn't take it and once again I let 'em have it and what not. So, president called and said we need to talk. So I may be in trouble. Well, it was a good run so far....

Anyhow, we had a wonderful lesson with a new investigator WHO IS GOLDEN!!!!! She was literally shining throughout the lesson. Her name is Olivia and she called us asking us to come over IMMEDIATELY! So, obviously, we did (which was why we ALMOST went over all our miles) and taught her a very nice lesson on the restoration. She loved it so much and didn't want us to leave, but we told her that we'd be back tomorrow. SO EXCITED! Our area is seriously picking up and we can't even keep track of anything anymore. I love my mission. So that is all for now. I love you all.  

Elder Sierra

p.s.  I did try to diffuse 
        I truly did

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