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Monday, October 28, 2013


Letter from last week, Oct. 21, 2013

Hey Mom,

I'm happy you got those pics. I'll try and do that now when I am with
people that I'm teaching or visiting. Have them send you a pic if it's a nice occasion. 

Linda is doing awesome. She couldn't come to church but she wanted to do something so she asked if there was something she could watch. My companion and I were thinking about something and then she said would watching conference online count? Unbelievably, I asked president about it and it does, apparently, count. So that's exactly what she did. No surprise her favorite speakers were President Holland and President Uchtdorf. She said those were her favorites. Also, she said there was something about the way President Monson speaks that was so touching and so soft and full of sunshine. She asked us who he was (we forgot to tell her who the prophet was) and I said, "Oh yeah, that's the prophet." She is so funny and is so full of energy. She exclaimed, "I knew it! That had to be your prophet." She is incredible. We can't
wait to see her baptized. 

As for the pact mom: yeah, sure, no prob. I got this haha...except for last night, though. We were walking home and someone was cussing us out. I told him to come downstairs.  He wouldn't come down, so I came up to him. He realized I wasn't messing around and tried to run to his apartment. I stuck my foot out to block him from shutting the door. And then said, "You can't insult servants of the Lord and expect to walk away." He was kinda freaking out. He asked, " What do you want?" I just said, "My buddy and I just want ten minutes of your time. Just sit down and listen and depending on how you feel you don't ever have to see us ever again." We taught him the restoration/plan of salvation in less than ten minutes and he sat there quietly. My companion then bore a sweet and penetrating testimony and with that, we said, "Thank you for your time", and were just about to head out the door. He told us, "Stop. Can you guys come back next week same time?" I said, "Sure thing brother :)" His name is Jace. He is our newest
investigator haha. 

Well that's all there is Mom. I hope everything is working out well over there. Also, I entered a chili contest need your recipes mama. 
Love you,

Elder Sierra

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