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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Excerpts from Elder Sierra's email and a letter home March 11 and 14, 2013

Hey Mom! Thanks for keeping me up on what's going on at home! Tell Dad I expect a letter from him.  I don't have much time to email but I will write to you all tomorrow. So, I'm just gonna do a quick response! The MTC is still great, kinda wanna get out in the field though. I hate all the sitting and everyday I look forward to gym time just to be active. I am loving my companion, district and friends...
My companion, roommates, and I went to the temple to do sealings. I had a very special experience while there. My work is SO REAL! My mission is truly the greatest and I love the Lord. I will talk to you later and keep me posted!

Dear Dad,

Things here are going good. I am progressing in the language and the elders here in my zone are all great. I will miss them when they depart for their missions. A few of them I've gotten to know real well: Destry Wride,a ROTC guy who wants to become a Green Beret  or military intelligence; Elder Nelson, an old DJ pal from BYU-Idaho; and Elder Jenson, a crazy brother from Sacramento. They are all awesome and we will all be going to BYU in the future.
Mi español es mal pero [estoy aprendiendo] cada día. (My Spanish is bad but [I am] learning every day.) Yo he enseñado muchos lecciones a investigadores. (I have taught many lessons to investigators.) Todos [las] reuniones estuven muy bueno y espiritual. (All the meetings have been good and spiritual.) La experiencia [está] haciendome un mejor misionero. (The experience is making me a better missionary.) Yo [enseñe a] un investigador [que] se llama Fernando Rivas esta noche. (I taught an investigator named Fernando Rivas tonight) ¿Cómo estás? ¿Todo bien? (How are you? Is everything good?) 
Let me know how your exercising is going? Also, let me know how friends are doing. Do you mind giving me some news updates on the world? Just don't want to come home completely oblivious to current events! Te quiero y espero que tu [estés bien]. (I love you and hope that you are doing well.) 

Elder Sierra 

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