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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Joys of Being a Missionary

This is an excerpt from a letter to mom with lots of pics...Elder Sierra asked us to share some of his experiences to his blog.

Dear Mom,

Thank you...for supporting me always. Most importantly, thank you (and dad) for always telling me that I had a home to come back to...That always kept me going when I was by myself in college and in Orlando. Knowing that I had a home kept me going and it keeps me going even now. I do miss you (not enough to be homesick!) and I do think of you whenever I'm teaching. It reminds me that most people are a lot alike, they have a family that they care about, as well.  It helps me remember that my true goal is to bring families to the temple so that they can be sealed for all of eternity. To me, that is the greatest reward and blessing that anyone can receive and it fills my heart with joy. I truly do love this church. I enjoy the happiness it gives to people. I love the healing that it gives to the soul. I know this because this gospel brought me happiness, healing and hope when I [was struggling] in my youth. Now, I am on my mission and couldn't be prouder of myself and the progress I have made these past two years.

Here in the MTC, I have been having all this information stuffed into my head, and then they get about 10 tons more and start cramming that into my head as well. It gets real tiring, because I have something to do every hour and it's getting to the point where it becomes a constant routine. However, time goes by so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was dropped off at this place, a.k.a., prison. LOL There truly is no escape!! I do love it, though. I learn something new every hour, whether it's Spanish, scriptures, or teaching investigators.

My companion and I are practically polar opposites. He is from a small town of about 3,000 people in Wyoming, and I'm from the suburbs of Miami, with 2 million people. He is literally the anti-me! We [may have differences] but we do what we can to get past it because we gotta love each other in order to teach. The other day, we were teaching one of our investigators, Francisco Trejo. He is a Chilean and is the only member of his family who isn't a member of the Church. He does want to learn more because his family has this light about them that he can't understand, but, he wants to be a part of it. That's where we come in.

He has been receiving the lessons well, but the other day, we went to teach him about the "Plan of Salvation". At first, when we were talking about the pre-mortal life, he was struggling to grasp it, but, as we went on to explain his purpose in life, he started tearing up because he has been desiring to know what his purpose in life is. The Spirit filled the room with such joy. He began to weep when we explained how families can be sealed for eternity. This is our work! Never have I seen anyone so excited about the gospel. We set a date for baptism already and I couldn't help but feel excited for him. He has committed to stop drinking, read the Book of Mormon with the family, his wife, and personally. He has already been going to church with his family. He is a wonderful person and a joy to teach.

I know this church is true! It can't possibly be a lie! There is too much that has been sacrificed [in order] for us to be doing a great and marvelous work. Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. He helped restore the true gospel and died for it. I know my Savior lives! Love you all.

Your Son,
Elder Sierra

Elder Graf and I

Elder Cassity is in my district and is my zone leader. He's so funny. He wanted to make 'awkward faces'.
Sisters in my zone (ZONE 1) BEST ZONE

This is Queso, the magical man who writes Spanish rules that appear on a rock from nowhere. Whatever he says, goes. Now, whenever we mess up in Spanish we are, like, "Dang you, Queso!!" Translation of Spanish words: Now, Spanish has 22 types of verbs.

Elders from my zone, as well as my new friend, Elder Si'ilata, on the my left.

My roomie, Elder Ware. He's headed to San Antonio, Texas!

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