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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Enforcer Prepares to Step Down

I left out a story from last week's letter:

"...We do what we can to have fun around here. Thanks for the nerf guns, by the way! It's been great. The zones from upstairs came to attack us and we were armed to the teeth (thanks to my extra ammo). They didn't stand a chance and I tackled their zone leaders and we literally hogtied them in our room, and we weren't releasing them until we had a signed surrender from them. HaHa. Our mission president found out and told us all how proud he was... lol".

(Classic JG!)

Here's this week's letter:

Hey Mom,

I loved the Easter basket! The pokemon cards made the egg, lol. It was awesome and everyone in my zone is so jealous. But, yeah, its been insane being here for over a month and in a week from today, I'll be out (which means I leave on Tuesday morning). We get to baptize Francisco this coming Sunday so it'll be great a great way to end our learning at the MTC, with a baptism.  My companion and I are doing amazing! We didn't get along at first but, after a long companionship inventory, we are both doing a LOT better. We make a killer team. Anyhow, my reign as the "Enforcer" will soon be at an end. I have been planning with the man who I have appointed as the new "Enforcer" to 'fight' me (choreographed) to end my rule and usurp his authority as the next "ENFORCER"!!! It's a tradition of SANGRE! lol It's real fun. I take great pride in being the "Enforcer" because the real job that is passed down from missionary to missionary, is to love everyone, make sure they are all right, that they aren't homesick, he is everybody's best friend, and can be a shoulder for those who need to cry it out. I have definitley tried to live up to my calling to the LETTER. Everyone has always come up to me asking for advice on how to get along with their companions, for comfort, a friend, food, or just to have someone to talk to. I always go to everyone at night and ask them three times if they are okay and if there are any problems. I love them all and I tell them that everyday. What makes my title so great is that as much as I love them, they all love me just as much and a few have come up to me today, crying, because they were going to miss me. One in particular, Elder N..., hugged me the other night and I just told him sincerely, "I love you man", and he completely broke down. He told me that he never had a friend that was so sincere and cared so much for him. I cant help but tear up almost everyday with the experiences I have at the MTC. I will miss them all so much when I leave, so I will make this last week count, big time. Mom, I know this is where I need to be. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be right now.

That's pretty sad that Will has to wait even longer before he can come to the MTC [visa delays]. I'll send him an email telling him not to despair. No matter how long it takes, and when he gets back, I'll be there to greet him. Being in St. George sounds fun! I saw some of the pics and they look great. So do Stephan and Emily! Please send them my love. They look great. Also, send Michael my love. We didn't get a chance to talk before I left and I honestly miss the guy. I hope he will do okay with his foot surgery, and I will pray for him. I love you Mom! Please tell Grandma Gail and Aunt Ramee and the others to write me some time. I wanna hear from them. 

Your Son,

Elder Sierra

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