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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Letter from June 3rd

Hi Mom,

Work is good. We have a date for the 14th. His name is Edgar and he is a great guy. I love him to death. He is from Colombia. My new comp is an old friend who has finally returned to the mission field after having had to go home to handle some health issues: Elder Martinez. He was already my brother and an amazing friend. Now he is my companion, and I am his senior. I will be getting Martinez back into the swing of things.
I am SO HAPPY to have Elder Martinez as my junior (you have no idea how happy I am)...  I do love to serve the Lord and my brothers and sisters, as well.... I was with Martinez when I first came out to the mission. He and I were both relatively young and we served around each other for most of our time together. When he had to go home, I almost cried. Now, he is back and I had NO IDEA he came in five days ago. And now he is my companion. I am SO excited.
I'd like to stay in my area for two more transfers. It would be a lot of fun and me encanta este barrio mama. No puedo explicarlo. Me encanta mi area. (I Love my area. I can't explain it. I love my area.)
I feel like I have been hitting my stride lately and right now, I just need prayers to go the extra mile with my Spanish. I need to speak a lot more fluently and I need to be able to hear and pick up a lot more. I can't struggle with the language anymore.

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