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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Letter from May 26, 2014
Dear Mom,

Happy Memorial Day! Time is still flying by. Next week will be the beginning of the new transfer. I think I will have 7 transfers left after this one. So not much more time left. I have been busy myself trying to put together activities for the ward. We have an activity called Salsa con Salsa (I did not think of the name) and it's gonna be a salsa contest and also a dance contest. Obviously, we are trying to bring in as many people as possible for this event. It's gonna be awesome!! We've got a lot of invites going out. As for Fernando, Jr. and Aranza, they had to get pushed back later in June again because they have a trip to LA to see their grandmother, who is not feeling too well. She is pretty advanced in age and family comes first, so we pushed the date back a bit. Unfortunately, we haven't been getting many new investigators so we are going to see what we can do in that field this week. Elder Mata wants to leave me with a good teaching pool. The poor guy is ready to go home. He has done his time and MORE! 25 1/2 months in the mission field. Even I would be running on empty. But anyway that's the mission right now.
 Anyway not much to talk about. This week was kind of bland. So I will talk more later.

Luv ya!

Elder Sierra

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