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Monday, March 31, 2014

Dear Mom,
I heard from those that went to Conference that you looked great mom. They said the choir sounded beautiful. I have been singing quite a bit myself lately, not on as grand a stage as you, but in my lessons, in sacrament, family home evenings, and also for Spanish conference (a meeting for the Spanish missionaries). That was a lot of fun. The conference was the perfect revelation and instruction that we needed for our work. Usually, I don't get too much out of them. This time though, I was just getting a non-stop stream of inspiration throughout those few hours. 
I was very happy to also see my trainer, and all my other companions. I even got a picture with All of them. I really have loved every last one of those guys. They have become my brothers. It was crazy because all my comps have been comps with each other and also have known one another from home or have served around them, so we are all real close. It was cool exchanging stories and experiences together at the same table while we were eating. I saw my entire mission thus far pass before my eyes. It seems as if it's all a dream. I have been slowly losing my grasp on time. 13 months out on the mission and I can feel it all picking up speed. It's as if I am on a slippery slope and I am trying to run up the hill, but I just keep slipping. I will miss these moments. It all kinda hit me that I have been out for a while now when my trainer told me that the next transfer would be his last. I just paused for a sec and realized that he would be my first Spanish companion that would be going home. It's all down-hill from here. These wonderful companions I've had would begin to go home one by one, until I am the last one. Pretty sad isn't it? 
On a happier note, Ezekiel is loving the restored gospel. He is very humble and receptive and when I asked him if he believed what we were teaching is true he said, "All my life I had hoped that there was more that I could learn about God's love for his children. And this entire time that you have all been in my home I have felt a sincere burning in my chest. If that is not some sort of being or power telling me that this is the right path, then I don't know what is?" We were completely shocked by his answer and then gave him a date for April 26th to be baptized and he. of course. accepted. We are very excited for him. That is all the big news we have for today. Things have been picking up through small and simple means. Love you to death Mom.

Elder Sierra

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