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Monday, March 10, 2014

Letter from 2/17/2014

Hey Mom,
Ricky's baptism in not this Saturday, but hopefully, next Saturday, if everything works out alright. And, I will probably sing I Have Seen Him or Come Thou Fount. It's still in the works. I just sang Nino de Luz last Sunday for church and it was wonderful. Spirit felt beautiful. 
I'm happy you liked the e-card I sent. I tried to send something classy with a bit of jazz to it lol. Did you have that dance with Dad? 
This last week we picked up 8 new investigators. We've got a lot of work to do now (which is great), so I am no longer bored out of my mind. Also, we have been doing a lot of service for the people here. The other day, we were tearing down a house. I was destroying walls and taking out the ceilings but, I've got a lot of fiber glass in my skin still haha, and I messed up my arms and my right foot. I have been asked to sit out of anything very strenuous...
Well I am feeling very uneasy right now. Seeing one of my best friends getting married and Mj looking like she's about to 'pop' soon. Kinda realizing how fast life is moving and I am not liking it. But I am relieved to see that they are happy and progressing in life. I just wish I could be able to be there and be a part of it. But, I still have a year left and will have to catch up quite a bit when I return home. 
Well I don't have too much to talk about, but tell Nic and the rest of the family that I love and miss them and also ask Sister Boga if she got the card I sent her. I love you Mom. Talk with you soon.
Elder Sierra

Follow-up to Mom's interrogation!:
My right arm feels like all my muscles are strained and my bones are fractured. My left arm is lacerated from the sharp steel; my right foot is crushed and big toe on my right foot. So, yeah, I'm hurtin right now. I kinda fell through a ceiling so, haha, it was fun...And yes, we got your package and LOVE your ties.
haha Well actually I and somebody else fell through the ceiling, haha. The beams couldn't support our weight, but when we fell we fell on the insulation so it was a soft landing. And,  yeah. I think my arm is fine and no, if it was fractured I'd be in more pain, I think. And yeah, those ties are BOMB!!
I got checked up. I also had my first aid
I feel much better. The project was about 5 days ago
and I have not felt sick or anything. I have taken the right antibiotics.

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