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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Dear Mom, 

Don't worry, I am not worried about not receiving the package yet. In fact, my new awesome companion and I have been too busy to even notice!! So, after I got to know the guy and to just give him the benefit of the doubt, I realized that he's cool. Pretty dang funny too and down to work. We have had a total of about 25 lessons/contacts and just received 16 referrals. We've got a lot of work to do. Things are gonna get intense this transfer. We have been tackling a lot of our problem with our branch head-on and are just taking things in our own way, but through the Lord's way. We get along great. 
Thanks, Mom, for the advice and the uplifting words. I will admit that I have been looking back quite a bit but things are looking up and I am moving forward. So don't worry Mom, I won't back down. Things have been going good so far and I will get back to you later. Love you very much.

Elder Sierra

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